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We are widely experienced in the implementation of systems supporting the flow of enterprise information. Our offer includes business process management and workflow systems, mailroom management solutions, enterprise content management systems as well as document archiving and outsourcing of scanning services. 

Business process management and electronic workflow

We supply complete systems for managing document workflow and business processes associated with their content. We usually deploy invoice and purchase order processes. We are highly experienced also in deploying systems supporting agreements/contract management and HR/HAS solutions.

Mailroom management

We provide individually designed systems of incoming and outgoing correspondence and documents registration and management. Our systems are designed to support mailroom departments in organization managing high volume of documents and shipments. 

Document scanning and recognition

Business process usually starts with scanning documents – our systems are compatible with most commonly used types of scanners and are also provided with various tools like optical character recognition (OCR) or checkbox recognition (OMR).
For customers who do not want to invest in their own systems we also provide scanning services (outsourcing).

Enterprise Content Management (ECM), digital archiving and Document Management Systems (DMS)

Both types of documents created by the standard Office applications, as well as printed on paper should be managed by a system that guarantees fast delivery of information to users.
We provide software (DMS – Document Management Systems) which controls the document life cycle, records its subsequent versions and manage access rights to the content contained therein.
Our BPM/ECM systems offer also paper archive management.

Automatic documents creation

Business processes often require fast and reliable documents creation based on predefined templates. Our system can generate a single file or set of files ready for immediate printing or sending.