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Since 1997 we have deployed 716 business processes for 214 existing customers. We implement solutions supporting scanning and registering of documents and correspondence as well as innovative, complex business process management and workflow systems based on OpenText and M-Files platforms.

DSA Products - Enterprise Content Management, Document Solutions

DSA SiR - Scanning and Registration

Designed to support post office departments in organisation managing high volume of documents and shipments. The system implements all of the essential functions related to handling of correspondence. Scanning and registration system (DSA SiR) has been designed as multi-station and multi-module (client-server architecture) tool providing support for the documents processing in office. System supports the registration and digitization of shipments, documents, e-mails, faxes and outgoing correspondence.

DSA SGD - Document Generation Server

Universal and powerful tool for creating outgoing documents based on predefined templates. With the ability to design templates commonly used editor (MS Word) software can be easily implemented and applied in any organization. DSA SGD accelerates the standard operations data collection and formatting of documents, reducing the time to create them; simultaneously eliminates the risk of error by the user.

DSA VPAT - Visual Process Audit Trial

Extension designed by DSA for OpenText MBPM platform. VPAT allows the graphical presentation of processes based on OT MBPM. With VPAT you have the glimpse of the whole shape of the processes, the path of the task as well as monitoring of the task. 

OpenText Products - Business Process Management, Enterprise Content Management

OpenText MBPM

In the area of workflow systems we rely mostly on OpenText MBPM (formerly Metastorm) – one of the most flexible solutions of this type in the world. The intuitive design of the key elements of each process (steps, actions, roles, forms) allows you to use platform for many common or dedicated applications.

OpenText Content Suite (Content Lifecycle Management – CLM)

An ECM software for tracking and archiving of content over their entire life cycle. The software allows you to increase productivity, collision risk management requirements with a reduction in access time and increased mobility of information.

OpenText Capture Center (OCC)

System of acquisition and interpretation of the content of paper documents, scanned images, email and fax. OCC uses the most advanced techniques for the diagnosis and classification of documents and characters, making the conversion of documents ready for machine processing of information with the usage of modern data capturing techniques (OCR/ICR).

M-Files - intuitive DMS System

As a proposal for small and medium-sized enterprises we offer M-Files as an alternative to large and extremely complex systems. M-Files is a system of document workflow management and workflow (workflow) that combines the functionality of more expensive systems ECM (such as OpenText) with the benefits of lower prices for the implementation and use, and ease of use.

  • M-Files stores documents and data in one centralized set called warehouse (vault), which allows you to search for the most necessary information via the main criterion - what is this document and what it refers to

  • The views in the M-Files is a dynamic 'folders' that organize the display of the data you need in a dynamic way

  • M-Files integrates with Windows Explorer - appears as a virtual disk (by default M: /), and import files to the system can be done using the command 'Import' or simply drag & drop tools

Equipment - scanners, barcode printers, consumable materials

In addition to our scanning and document management systems as well as recognition systems (OCR / ICR) and barcode (barcode recognition) we offer a wide range of document scanners, printers and readers for bar codes and other hardware solutions for document management.